A vegan brunch + instagram.

12:56 PM

Had a good morning yoga/pilates work out, feel ready for the day & here is what I ate after:
  • blueberry bagel w/ almond butter + agave drizzle
  • organic pomegranate oatmeal
  • almond chocolate milk (I suggest you taste it!!)
Also I finally joined the instagram world, so if your reading this and care to follow a view in my eyes and things I come across during the days follow me here at sweettartsarah



Valentine's Day

8:13 PM

Elias and I kept it low key on Valentine's Day and made dinner at home as well as exchanged gifts. It was lovely to be reminded of how lucky we are to have each other, so thankful.


Lately (in phone pics) ..San Antonio Edition.

11:57 PM

{starting the day off with some coffee & some pink + lace never hurt! }
{went to a family bridal shower, fancy lunch + pearls for decor}
{arm candy of the day = faux diamond + gold}
{dinner with an appetizer of what else.. chips n' salsa! }
{shoes I brought along (L to R: orange platforms - Target, nude suede wedges - Forever 21, fringe booties - Target, cheetah flats - Target}
{some goodies from Charming Charlie..will post up a 'What's New?' post soon w/ what I got from here}
{my first time at Trader Joe's, snagged this reusable bag to take home}
{..and a delicious snack I picked up as well for a desert}

Been in San Antonio all this weekend, heading back to the 956 tomorrow after lunch, always enjoy some time away from home for a bit, but I'm ready to head back home to my two little ones and my love!


For a cute casual date night.

4:29 PM

I'm just SO in love with this sweater! It's perfect fitting, thin but warm still, and so soft, best purchase I've made (in sweaters). Working outfits around it and I thought this would be cute ..probably should have gotten better lighting sorry, but you get the idea, right?


What's New?

5:33 PM

Pink Heart Sweater - Old Navy
Gold Betsy Johnson watch - Dillards
Suede Fringe booties - Target
double finger feather ring - Old Navy
Bib Necklace - Target
Turquoise faux leather cross-body bag - Target
Turquoise flats - Target

Here's a couple things I've boughten these past couple days.


late night thoughts before bed.

11:48 PM

Today was a lovely day, for many reasons, but I'm happy it was a beautiful day. My life has been on an uphill lately and I'm cherishing it with all I got. My boyfriend, Elias, makes me incredibly happy, I'm so blessed for him to be a part of my life, he treats me like such a princess, I couldn't ask for more. Today was also payday which is always nice, I went to Target (of course) and put Elias' and mines apartment in the spirit with all the lovely Valentines decor. I also have gotten quite a bit of purchases... I'll try to do a post of all the things I've gotten lately and a couple pictures from around our apartment of the few decorations I got. I also got new bed sheets and a comforter, it feels so nice, soft and new... I should sleep wonderfully tonight. Nothing but smiles for me, and I hope life's been nice to you to. Its nice to end a day with relief and happiness. Goodnight y'all.


Only if . . .

11:37 PM

... I had somewhere to wear these bad boys, I saw them and immediately thought of the word "sexy". They came in black as well, kudos Target, very nice heels.