A day of pure studying.

10:26 AM

With finals in full effect, yesterday consisted of so much ASL studying for my final today! Coffee + lemonade kept me going to finish a bunch of final assignments, and final studying. Most of my semester is over by the end of today {yaaay}, minus one class, which will end next week, but at least I only have one to focus on and that's it. I'm so in shock at how it's going to be May tomorrow, like seriously where is the time going because I'm still thinking we're March or something. Life has been up lately, and my families emotions are getting better, of course it's not the same and at times I find myself thinking, my brother is really gone?! I learned to pray every night and that puts me at ease, also it's a powerful thing, I've learned. Well one more week, then I get a month of summer to enjoy, before summer school starts, but hey, I'm finally seeing the light for graduation and it has me more motivated than ever!



6:51 PM

{outside my brother's room}
This Easter was spent with my family of course, and it was as fun as we could have made it. This is going to be the first of many holiday's/celebrations without my brother, so it's a little tough, because we all miss him making us laugh a lot. I'm thankful for God keeping us strong and continuing our lives even though sometimes it feels hard and unwanted, but we all have a plan thanks to the man above, and we must continue it and trust him in all we do. Hope y'alls Easter was lovely, safe, and fun, if you celebrate. Thanks for reading as always guys.


Favorite Skirt.

2:13 PM

Striped Top - Shop 112
Necklace - Groopdealz
Skirt - Target
D'orsay Flats - Shop 112



Cremé De La Cremé

7:14 PM

Tee - Old Navy
Military Jacket - Old Navy
Skinny Jean - Denzin by Target
Fringe Booties - Target
Jeweled Necklace - Target


p.s. cremé de la cremé means cream of the crop, best of the best in french ...hm, nice huh?


A Cold April Day?

6:30 PM

Black Pants - Target
Nude Flats - Sam & Libby for Target
Stripes Peplum Tee - Gap
Denim Jacket - Old Navy
Statement Necklace - GroupDealz

What started off as a warm, almost hot-like day, suddenly became dark and cold..April, is this you? Added a jacket to keep myself warm, but this denim jacket might not be warm enough for how cold it's getting, what kind of weather are y'all having around the states, is it really random like here in the 956?
Anyway, Monday has been nice, with this weather, I'm cuddled in bed with three pups contemplating what's for dinner. Let's have a good week guys.


Saturday Night-In Thoughts.

10:40 PM

I don't go out much anymore lately, I've been enjoying a lot of family time ever since the passing of my brother. It's like I don't want to leave home anymore because it's where I feel closest to him. I feel I've changed over the last month, my thoughts and actions aren't so sudden, I think a little more before I do something, I guess you can say I'm a little more "boring", but I just want to stop and enjoy life more, because literally, we don't know when our expiration date is coming. I've given up alcohol, because I realize it's not worth the risk or pain it causes to your loved ones around you. I've also learned how to have more fun in my life without it, but I don't plan on judging anyone who drinks, just as long as it's responsible, I hope... for your sake. I've tried to become more calm in my life and erase all the negativity and ugly words I use. I want to be a more positive person and become better. I've also developed a relationship with Jesus, and it's beautiful, I want to see my brother again, and I know by him that's going to be the only way. Lately I've been finding a need to escape, so I was looking through my pictures and I found this picture of the island I took back in August 2013, it looks so relaxing and I realize I need a trip to the beach, even if it's for a day, I just want some peace and a little stress reliever. I've also been running a lot, that helps my mind, and is great for my body. It's sometimes hard to stay positive and lately all I've been wanting to do is sleep, but there's a wonderful plan ahead of me and I must continue to follow it, for myself and my brother. 
I love you Eric & we miss you. 

Somethings I've learned through all this that I'd like people to know:
  • Don't ever take advantage of ANYONE, especially family. You don't ever know if a family gathering will be the last one as a whole, or if this is your/someone's last hour, day, month, year to live.
  • Talking about emotions aloud with someone you trust helps, oh and cry...cry, cry, cry, till you can't anymore, it feels good and relieves emotions. 
  • Know your alcohol intake or have a designated driver, whether it's yourself or the person next to you on the road, something can go wrong.
  • Take time to appreciate everything around you and give thanks every now and then
  • Trust the changes in your lives that are happening, something good must come out of it.



7:17 PM

White Peplum Tee - Gap
Skinny Jeans - Target
Flatforms - Target
White Earrings - Target
Polka Dot Clip - Ban.do




12:16 AM

White Button-Up - Target
Denim Crop - Target
Vintage Flats - Thrifted

I love the simplicity of a simple outfit with a whole lot of style.