Thanksgiving + Weekly Friday Thanks.

2:12 PM

Every Friday I recall the things that make me smile & the things that I'm thankful for making me smile as well as just coming across my life just for bringing some goodness into it. I have a lot to be thankful for because I believe I am quite lucky compared to some people out there here goes my Thanksgiving list:

  • my loving family who no matter what always loves me, even if I can be a pain some days. They always help me when in need and provide me with whatever I can't afford.
  • an amazing lovely boyfriend who always is there for me when I need to vent, a shoulder to cry on, give me a whole lotta loving, is there for me during an emergency, always to calm me down, is all ears when I'm in my most talkative mood, helps me out when times are financially tough, teaches me something new everyday, lifts my spirits, makes me laugh so much, smile consistently & still has the power to make my heart skip a beat 3 & a 1/2 years later...whoa how did I get so lucky??!!
  • my two furry babies who unconditionally love me even though I may get a little too mad when an accident happens or when Nylon happens to be bored & roam the trash can, or when I forget to refill the water bowl & they have to kick it around to tell me they're thristy, sorry little babes! but thanks for still loving me and giving me lots of kisses & warmth throughout the night.
  • School who always gives me a hella good challenge, boy do I hate you sometimes but you sure make my brain work to it's fullest potential & give me a satisfaction in the end that I can do so much if I push myself.
  • my job I'm thankful to always be lucky when it comes to the work field because I haven't ever had to wait for a job, I'm always lucky to be hired right away & I know their is people out there jobless looking for one, so I'm thankful to have one that is fun & has lovely employee's. 
My Friday list of things that made me smile this past week:
  • realizing today is barely Friday! wooo, have lots of time to do my homework!
  • a lot of family time
  • vegan apple pie. that is all!
  • doing well in work, and it actually being noticed!
  • having some girl time twice this week w/ some girlfriends from work (gotta fit that in more often)
  • finding out my dad & I will soon start making plans to look for a new car for me!
Hope your weekend is good my readers!


Thanksgiving Attire

1:35 PM

Had a beautiful Thanksgiving with my family & lots of good vegan food! Here was my outfit I wore, just a simple lace dress with a nude under dress & some nude heels + red lipstick! That's a first for me since it looks a little odd on me cause I'm so light complected or maybe I'm just not used to seeing myself in it. Hope your Thanksgiving was good & y'all are have a lot of luck in your lives, the best time of the year is coming guys! ^_^



A nice evening.

1:43 AM

{realizing my loose shirt makes me look wide with the wind that was blowing -_- }
Earlier this evening, I got together with two co-workers & we had a late lunch, early dinner? ...anywho, it was great, lots of laughs, and good chats. Then after we got some coffee & just talked about work problems and laughed some more. It's always nice to get some girl time, I don't get it too often since I'm always with my boyfriend, but I'm realizing I gotta fit more time in, it's obviously necessary!


Weekly Friday Thanks.

12:09 AM

Pretty accurate description of my week..filled with studying & actually relaxing! I never thought that would happen anytime this semester! I can't believe it's already Friday, was an extremely hectic, chaotic, car problematic week, but I found some nice-ness in it:

  • the weather all week, 60 degree weather? I dig
  • this new cute jacket I got at Target, so feminine & vintage looking (will post a picture tomorrow)
  • Thanksgiving holiday is coming up, which means food, family & no school! {& lots of rest...hopefully}
  • laying in bed & actually watching TV... I thought I was in heaven!
  • naps
  • some good shed tears.
This week by far challenged me, but I hope in the end of all this struggle, I can find some beauty & peace.


Weekly Friday Thanks.

11:15 AM

Time is flying by, CANNOT believe we're already November! Quite scary how fast its going but that only makes me want to enjoy more things and not take them for granted. Here's some things that made me smile this past week:

  • getting my cars major problems fixed, It feels like a brand new car again!
  • being able to squeeze in two runs this week (haven't done 2+ runs a week since summer!)
  • using my polaroid a bit this week, nothing beats the feeling of having a vintage looking picture in an instant and waiting to see how pretty it came out!
  • toffee flavored coffee with a bit of soy . . . yes please !
  • moving up at work to a teensy bit of a higher position, feel honored they trust me enough with a key! 
  • warm tea at night, just relaxes me to sleep
Let's enjoy this weekend.


What's New ?

10:54 AM

Found these two adorable babies at Target yesterday, both for only $11 ! What a steal right?


Studying my life a w a y...

11:35 AM

My life for the past 72 hours, toffee flavored coffee plus a whole lot of Anatomy; can't believe we're November, that means finals are coming up! oh no... 
At least today is my last day of class then it's the weekend time to relax for a bit, then do it all over again, but that's college for you right?


Weekly Friday Thanks.

12:41 PM

What an extremely busy and hectic week! Went outta town this past weekend, so I had to play catch-up with school work on Monday, lots due this week, but that's all over ...for now! Other than that, I can relax a bit for today and tomorrow, then gotta get back to studying for next week. Other than this busy week I still found some time to smile:

  • the weather in Austin this past weekend! 
  • dancing "Gangnam style" for Halloween parties (I know, I know I told myself I wouldn't but it was fun)
  • the sweet, sweet compliments I got for my Halloween costume. I think people liked me more as a cat! 
  • for the laughs I had, they felt extra special considering it was a busy week.
  • Elias & I listening to the oldies station play Halloween music from back when.. felt so romantic.
  • the new Corner Bakery they built near my work, such a cute little cafe, and an even cuter patio with relaxing couches and a lovely atmosphere ..did I mention yummy veggie panini?
  • the delicious post run snack I had (pictured above). yum, yum & yum!


Happy Halloween !

11:33 AM

I hope your Halloween was filled with fun & lots of candy! Unfortunately I spent mine in costume studying for Anatomy (boo)! At least I was dressed right? to be in the spirit. Spent most of it this past weekend in Austin with friends, had a good time. Now time to rest this weekend and prepare for another exam.. is it Christmas break yet?