Beach Essentials from Zaful!

11:22 PM

As summer is nearing to an end, there's still a couple more weeks to enjoy! I know I just got back from the beach, but I'm already planning another trip in a couple weeks with my boyfriend. I definitely will be needing a new swimsuit and right now I'm currently eyeing these swimsuits from 'Zaful', so cute, and at such an amazing price! I'm also thinking about trying out the off the shoulder bikini; of course I've gotten tops with that trend, but I have yet to try it out in a bikini style. I currently have these two on my wish list! Aren't they adorable?!

A few other things I'm eyeing to take along with me to the beach are:

--> this super cute crop top to pair with high-waisted shorts!

-->  and this super cute summer dress for walking around and having dinner.
and lastly of course, I need a simple bag to carry around that isn't too big or bulky, we're at the beach, simplicity is in full mode! I fell in love with this simple grey bag, you can carry it as a handbag or as a shoulder bag, my favorite, because I never know how I'll be feeling that day!

There is so much to choose from on their site and for all occasions, you definitely will find something! As a thank you and to help you feel fabulous and fancy all summer Zaful is offering all my readers a 10% off code, to discover all the newest summer arrivals!
surprise code is: "ZFEN"
enter that at check-out and you get even more awesome-ness!
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Beach Weekend

3:10 PM

My bosses decided to close our work this weekend and go on a beach trip getaway! Sometimes I forget how wonderful, and beautiful it is to live so close to a beach. I don't take enough advantage of it. I remember the other day watching a movie, it was about a girl who lived somewhere in the mid-west and she dreamed of the ocean, and how free and beautiful it made her feel, and I thought, some people actually don't live anywhere near a body of water!! They go there lives without being able to drive an hour away and go feel the fresh cool island breeze, sand on your toes, and sandy damp hair, how crazy! As I grow up, I'm learning to love my hometown and where I live, we live in such a great location, and the culture is so pure. It really was a relaxing weekend, full of laughs, sun, tans, and too much vodka. Here's to the end of summer!

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What's New Friday?!

3:36 PM

It's July already, where is the summer going (besides extremely fast)!? Here are a few things I've snagged over the last two weeks at different places. I was in need of some simple black mules, I know I didn't have any, and I found these at Target {linked them below} they are super comfortable and I love them with dark skinny denims. Lately I've been all about matching my purse to my outfits, I go through phases of this, where I want to match, then I get tired of transferring everything from one purse to the next, so I stop; but as of now though, I am back in this mood, and realized I didn't have a simple black purse (to match my mules) so I found this one at Old Navy {linked below}, I'm real into shoulder bag, so this one is light-weight and perfect. The studded nude sandals pictured above are from my work, Shop 112, we received them in nude and black, and I INSTANTLY feel in love with the nude, so perfect for summer and to transfer into the fall season. I couldn't find a link for the exact sandal but the brand is "cityclassified". Lastly, as mentioned in a previous post, I'm very into big statement earrings, so ball drop earrings are a must! I linked a few similar styles below, but I feel now, you can find different colors of these earrings almost anywhere, so fun to any outfit!

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