late night thoughts before bed.

By Sarah Davila - 11:48 PM

Today was a lovely day, for many reasons, but I'm happy it was a beautiful day. My life has been on an uphill lately and I'm cherishing it with all I got. My boyfriend, Elias, makes me incredibly happy, I'm so blessed for him to be a part of my life, he treats me like such a princess, I couldn't ask for more. Today was also payday which is always nice, I went to Target (of course) and put Elias' and mines apartment in the spirit with all the lovely Valentines decor. I also have gotten quite a bit of purchases... I'll try to do a post of all the things I've gotten lately and a couple pictures from around our apartment of the few decorations I got. I also got new bed sheets and a comforter, it feels so nice, soft and new... I should sleep wonderfully tonight. Nothing but smiles for me, and I hope life's been nice to you to. Its nice to end a day with relief and happiness. Goodnight y'all.

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