San Antonio Eats {Insta-Style}

By Sarah Davila - 12:03 AM

{My new fav San Antonio restaurant: 'Green Vegetarian Cuisine' // myself getting to SA}
{no cow parts allowed! // 'BBQ Quesadillas' vegan style and oh so delicious}
{'The Real Deal' enchilada plate w/ rice and beans = unforgettable // vegan cupcakes! need I say more?}

While in a new city I always have to find out if they are vegan friendly, now I've gone up to San Antonio plenty of times but always with family so 4 against 1 to a vegan restaurant is hard convincing! This past week going up with my boyfriend who's always very willing to try my food, found a restaurant called, "Green Vegetarian Cuisine" vegan/vegetarian friendly absolutely NO MEAT is found in their store which is really nice. The food is to die for, my boyfriend (who's a little picky of his vegan meats) LOVED it! He couldn't believe he enjoyed it so much, so we went back for round 2! Also their pastries are to die for, vegan cupcakes? What else can you ask for!? This restaurant is found only in San Antonio, so if you're in the area, I definitely recommend, meat eater or not, you'll absolutely enjoy, I promise!

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