By Sarah Davila - 1:30 PM

1.) I drink my coffee black or with a splash of soy milk. No sweetener, no flavor, nothing. (I blame being a barista for 3 years and trying every concoction that lead to tiredness of sugar)

2.) I'm left handed and proud!

3.) I'm vegan/vegetarian and have been for the past 3 & 1/2 years.

4.) I'm extremely infatuated with Joaquin Phoenix, I love all his movies and know how many siblings he has, some of his personal life experiences, and how his family looks. (ha, yes.. I'm creepy) 

5.) I've never been out of Texas (hopefully that changes soon)

6.) I'm only 4'11" ..maybe 5'0 ...yes, I'm very short >_<

7.) I'm very afraid of cockroaches .. I'll scream loud, jump, run, close my eyes, anything to make myself get away from the situation..and someone else has to kill it...I can't imagine trying, then I miss & it runs away ... heck no!

8.) I've worked, in retail, a pet store, a coffee shop, and now a boutique. . I try to have gotten experience in everything to have put myself in ones shoes.. although I couldn't do waitressing or bank telling. . both seem too stressful & kudos to those who do!

9.) I'm 1 of 6 siblings! Although three are "halves" I consider them my normal brothers and sister, we are all close, thankfully.

10.) I'm not one to cry or express my feelings, but if I see an animal in harm or animal control picking up a pup... you can bet your bottom dollar I turn into the biggest baby and cry like no tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed

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