These Jeans.

By Sarah Davila - 6:23 PM

It's quite hard for me to find a pair of good jeans, since:
1.) I'm extremely short
2.) certain washes make me look shorter or like I have a chubbier frame
3.) "short" sizes are only made at certain places
4.) some small sizes end up being too big or too tight
Putting aside my complaints, I recently picked up this pair of jeans at my work for only $39 bucks, I was a little skeptic because the wash is a little light for my taste, but when I put them on they wrapped around my curves so comfortably, I haven't ever felt so good in jeans. I love jeans and normally will wear them regardlessly, but some go low when I bend, others get loose by the end of the day, others feel uncomfortably snug after a meal (ha, maybe my fault?).. but any who, this pair of jeans fit so perfectly! They stay fitting all day, don't get loose or lose their shape, allow you to bend in any way you please, and fit perfect in all angles. I'm actually very pleased and am not just saying this, because I purchased them from my work. I've asked various customers of all shapes and sizes their opinion after trying them on, and they too were very pleased with the fit. So out of all this, I definitely recommend them to any girls currently looking for some good jeans that also happened to be greatly priced.

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