4th of July & some.

By Sarah Davila - 10:48 PM

I graduate in ONE month! So exciting, but till then I still need to finish my intern hours and take on one more class! I feel crazy at moments, doing two jobs + my intern one, and not getting a day off all week, but I enjoy staying busy, and being lazy the few hours out of the day I get. The day before 4th of July, my supervisor at my intern site gave us the day off, so I headed to the beach for the day and enjoyed some relaxation & a few too many drinks (oops). Then for 4th of July, I spent it with my mom, brother, & neighbors for some BBQ and swimming in McAllen, so at night we got to see the firework show the city puts on. I am literally busy throughout the day, so spending time with my family was nice, since I don't see them too much throughout the week. My coffee shop job got a face lift, so I've been back there again helping out. Elias is currently out of town & I have work at 6:30am so, it's lights out for me now! Hope to post more soon!

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