2015 in review

By Sarah Davila - 1:35 PM

I started the new year in Hawaii! It was a great way to start my year and reassure my love for traveling. I hadn't ever traveled out of Texas thus far at this moment, but I always knew traveling was going to be something I WAS going to do. It was my first time out of Texas, my first time on a plane, and I did it alone, such a great experience. 
February was a slow month, and although it was my birthday month, ha I realize I took ZERO pictures, which is really weird. This month I got really comfortable with modeling for my job, normally I take my own photos, but this year I started having other people take my photos, which is challenging because you have other eyes on you, and you feel a little shy to do certain things, such as fake laughing, or poses, but I embraced the feeling and got comfortable. . . now I love when other people take my pictures for me.
March marked the one year anniversary of my brother's death, and we had a gathering at his site where he passed away, and all our family and friends gathered, celebrated him and his friend being in heaven and set balloons free in hopes of them seeing our words to them. It was a really nice experience, and I'm glad we all got to celebrate his 1 year passing this way.
April was a tough month, the last real semester I had for school, before I would do a full summer of intern hours. So April meant, final projects, really pushing my grades to bring up my GPA, and stress! Hence I became a bubble bath person, because it is so relaxing. Also a ton of school lunches outside in between classes, being able to see first hand, an animal therapy session happen live, so fun to see the student and the animal become one and do amazing things together, all while benefiting the individual. Involving the same class, I also got to attend a gathering where kids get to read to dogs, most of these kids are learning to read, so if they mess up, a dog will never make fun or stop you, it really eases the kids minds when stressing to read correctly and allows them to learn easier, also petting a furry friend can be relieving without even knowing it! This month I also got to meet Kaylie, my best friends niece. She is the sweetest baby, and I enjoy watching her grow up, and feel like "a part of the family". 
May my bosses from my job invited us to a "Dine Around Town" sorta deal, and it felt very VIP-ish, free food tasting as well as drink specials just for the guests, it was a fun experience, and my bosses are way cool. Lots of modeling going on at work! School ending which means.. finals time, also extra coffee is needed, duh. May is also Mother's Day of course, dinner with my momma. 
This summer I would spend 350 hours doing my intern job! I joined with a program at my college that helps people with disabilities find jobs. It was challenging but such a rewarding thing to do. The picture above are a few of my fellow interns and supervisors. I had a great experience, and it reassured me I was in the right field. This summer I also went back to the 'rec' center of my college to work out again, I stopped working out for a while which made me feel not so good about myself, and also weight gain, but after I developed a schedule between my summer class, intern job, and two other jobs, I made space to work out sparingly >_<. In June also, my coffee shop job got a face lift, which was nice, but took some time to get used to, since it was dramatically different!
July was for the beach, my first (and last) country concert, fireworks, hangouts with the girls at work, and drinks with my best friend! They also involved me getting to work with students from STC with different disabilities and prepare them for college! They were a lovely group, and I got to watch them graduate from the program, it was so sweet to see them excited for their accomplishment. Also my two favorite interns who I spent a lot of my summer with, we grew close fast, and I learned a lot from these girls, one was getting her master's and the other her doctorate, I am very fortunate. Very fun month!
August was graduation month for me! It always felt like college was never going to finish, long nights studying, taking coffee to a whole other level, $$ on books, changing my degree, classes being added to my degree plan, it felt never ending! To finish college was such a relief and I'm so proud it's over, haha.
September just involved me being done with school and going back to working more hours at both my jobs. I also joined a gym for the first time ever!! I always told myself I wouldn't ever join, but I love it, I love going to the gym and working out, it's fun to see other people motivated and it motivates you to want to better yourself, best thing I could've done for myself. I also started having Saturday's off (!!!!) which is a huge deal, because I don't think I ever had a Saturday off in like four years or something! It's such a great thing to have Saturday's off, I absolutely love it.
October was a calm month, nothing but catching up with friends, mom's birthday month, work Halloween party and more work at both jobs!
November consisted of lots of modeling at work, girls night with my moonbeans co-workers painting and talking ... that was a nice little stress reliever. Meeting a new designer we got introduced to at the Shop, her jewelry has become my life! Also this year I became a bridesmaid in my first wedding!
December was full of parties, bonfires with my Shop 112 team, outfit planning, and silliness!

2015 was full of accomplishments: traveling alone by myself for the first time ever, graduating college, and another great year with Elias and I!
I'm eager to see what 2016 has in store for me, hopefully the start of my professional career, more traveling (at least 2 places), and a new vehicle (hoping for a little SUV). I hope your year is full of happiness, accomplishments, discoveries, and great health! Let's make 2016 a great one readers!
And always . . . thanks for always reading my blog! I hope this year great things come to it.

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