My first Rocksbox

By Sarah Davila - 4:31 PM

So I got my first Rocksbox in the mail guys! Honestly, it felt like Christmas or my birthday, not knowing what I was going to receive, but knowing it was going to be a special gift! 

Rocksbox is a jewelry company (you can visit their page HERE ), where you can borrow jewelry, and when you're done wearing it you can return for more new pieces, how fun is that?! They have TONS of designers to choose from, like: House of Harlow 1960, Kendra Scott, Jenny Bird, and much more! They also make it so simple by giving you the exact boxes and support to ship it back + the shipping label, how nice is that? 
All you have to do is:
1.) create an account
2.) make a wishlist of the jewelry you'd LOVE to receive
3.) and wait a day or two so they can give you tracking info & viola!
then when you recieve it:
  1.) Keep the packaging and care they give you for the jewelry pieces you recieved
2.) Keep the shipping label they personally give you
4.) then simply return the pieces back in bags + care packing 
5.) reattach new shipping label and send back! 
6.) wait for more pieces to be sent back!

It's a really fun thing to try and I'm excited to style these new items I received. You can try it out for FREE guys, just follow the steps I put above and enter:
at checkout or when it asks for code and you can receive one month of free jewelry, then when your month is over, simply unsubscribe and they won't charge you anything!
I hope you try it out & enjoy!

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