Fashion Re-purposed.

By Sarah Davila - 11:28 PM

So earlier this month I got to be a part of this event here in the RGV called, 'Fashion Re-purposed', it was an event to help out 'Mujeres Unidas' and was done off strictly donated/thrifted clothing. It was hosted by Victoria Lopez and Mark Hanna, two amazing sweet people who made it such a fun event to be a part of.  I was chosen as a "trendsetter" along with 4 other local fashionista bloggers, and we had to style 6 models in 30 minutes off of a pile of thrifted clothes. It seemed quite easy at first, but once the timer started, it got a little hectic, rummaging through clothing while 4 other people are as well trying to get the best pieces for your models. I also had a male model, and I hadn't dressed a guy before, so that was definitely a new challenge for me! I amazingly styled my 6 models in 18 minutes! I was the fastest trendsetter to finish styling my models, I was pretty proud (haha). It was a challenge because, I didn't have a wide variety of sizes to choose from, and I wanted to choose the cutest styles, but also think about my models, their bodies, what would look best on them, and what their size was, so that was fun challenge to get across. I had SO much fun being a part of this event, and it was so amazing to see how the other trendsetters styled their models, and why they did. Some people here in the valley really have talent. It felt like such a real fashion show, and I'm so thankful to have been chosen.

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