Weekly Thanks !

By Sarah Davila - 2:26 PM

This week required a whole ton of coffee, iced and hot, two a day kind of week. I'm happy it's Friday! The day I blog, and get to sleep in, and plan for the coming week. I hope y'alls week was amazing and here are five things that made me smile this week. 

Thanks for Jan. 15-21, 2o17

+ a random cool front this week, when our "winter" has been full of 80 degree weather here in Texas  
+ bright florals coming in at work, so refreshing!
+ getting my blog its OWN domain .. hoping for exciting things in the future
+ Vietnamese food w/ babe!
+ getting my brain active again and studying for an upcoming test for my teacher's certification, my brain has been on vaycay for about a year now ... yikes!

What made you smile this week friends?


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