Quick Trip to LA!

By Sarah Davila - 11:31 AM

Last week, I went on a quick trip to Los Angeles with my boss to shop for the boutique I work at. We were there for 4 days, and it was nearly not enough to see what California has to offer, I had yet to go to Cali, so I wanted to see everything! I always thought of myself more as a east coast kinda gal, but my experience in LA was really nice, I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The weather was so great, and coming from south Texas, I was mind-blown when I heard some people do not have air conditioners in their homes! That is something unheard of here where temperatures reach 115! We went down to the Hollywood area, and it was such a circus, people are crazy in that area, and it was unlike anything I had seen before (I thought Austin was weird). It was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I enjoyed the crazy people and the even crazier driving! We spent most of the time in the fashion district shopping at the stores there, and the fashion in LA was SO wonderful. I loved the effortless, free-spirited fashion everyone wasn't scared to sport. I live in a city where people are very close-minded and are not very daring with their fashion sense! Although, slowly people are catching on to the fashion world down here... it was SO cool to see people sporting big pants, and colorful tennis! I fell in love with the world of being a "buyer" and although at times it felt a little overwhelming being surrounded by boxes and boxes and walls of clothing everywhere you turn, in the end it was such a fun experience. So thankful to work with the company I work at, making my dreams come true!

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