Weekly Friday Thanks.

By Sarah Davila - 3:54 PM

Another week has come and gone, and I'm ready for a weekend out of town to relax and have a good time. Going to come back to tons of school work, but shh, let's not think about that and think about things that made me smile this week . . . here we go:

  • A surprising cool front that's hitting Texas! (I'm so ready for chilly weather) 
  • everything about my Elias, he's so amazing, I love him.
  • seeing Christmas stuff at Target being put out...my heart can't contain the excitement for all the things I want to buy for Elias' apt
  • water
  • a vegan gingerbread cupcake someone at work surprised me with, (I was left speechless, it was so delicious) can't wait to start holiday baking!
I hope ya'll have a wonderful safe weekend!

{Dino pondering about life}

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