Weekly Friday Thanks.

By Sarah Davila - 12:31 AM

My oh my how the weeks fly by, it's already Friday night again! So here goes to another week of things that made me smile!

  • the picture above, doesn't Nylon look so adorable!
  • Targets Denizen skinny jeans = the most perfect fitting jeans EVER!
  • Nylon turned 2 years old on Thursday, thank you God for keeping her alive and healthy
  • how Elias' and mines relationship just grows stronger and stronger everyday..truly amazing to me
  • realizing I really do love keeping my body healthy and am so proud to be vegan 
  • talked to my anatomy professor and he gave me motivation to continue studying hard and read, such a sweet man.
This week was a breeze! Hoping for cooler weather though, but oh well, what else can you expect in the 956. Hope your week was splendid and your weekend is amazing!

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