Holiday Gift Guide #3

By Sarah Davila - 1:15 AM

Finding a gift for my mom is always the hardest, cause I want it to be perfect and let her know how much I love and appreciate her. Above are cute little things I think any mom would love or enjoy getting.

1.) All mom's are hard-working, tough, and seem to have unlimited energy, but at the end of the day we can see they are tired and ready to snooze, I'm sure any mom would love to doze off to the scent of this 'relax' candle. It can be something to relax the soul and unwind our busy momma's. This one is from casa.com for $17.

2.) Mom's always seem to have the most and best jewelry, why not get them something to put it on. This cute deer head stand is so different but pretty at the same time. It's from purehome.com for $35.

3.) Our mother's seem to love their zzz's, helping them out by getting this cute mask would be so sweet. You can get sleeping mask's pretty much anywhere but this adorable one is available at Etsy for $20.

4.) Most mom's are busy bee's and all seem to have an iPad, or some sort of tablet to keep up with their busy schedule's and their friends on Facebook, why not let them be in style with a cute case of some sort. I'm in love with this Kate Space iPad case from Nordstrom, going for $85.

5.) Something that can come in super handy for our momma's are what I think would be a kitchen apron! Always cookin' up something good, why not get a cute apron to make cooking more enjoyable (I know I love wearing them)! Also it keeps them from getting any clothing dirty! Cute aprons can be found almost anywhere, this one pictured is from Modcloth for $35.

6.) A day full of work = a day on your mom's feet, how bout some cute slippers to ease the end of the day pain for your mom. So many cute slipper's are available anywhere, and I know my mom loves slippers. These above are from Victoria's Secret and are for $50

Hope you enjoyed & Happy December !!

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