Merry Christmas 2013

By Sarah Davila - 6:38 PM

So I know I've been a little MIA lately, but once the semester flew by, I got busy with work, then gift buying, then getting things together for Christmas parties and such, I got a little side tracked. Sorry y'all! Well Christmas is here and almost over, I can't believe how fast it came as well as went, then it blows my mind how fast the year went too! Lots of family time was spent this Christmas, lots of good food, wonderful gifts I'm so thankful for, and just time to think about how nice of a life I had. Although I feel December went a little too fast, and I didn't get to enjoy Christmas as much working so many hours, I'm going to come up with some traditions to make Christmas feel a little more Christmas-y in the coming years. 

Some new traditions I want to do:
- look at Christmas lights 
- bake vegan Christmas cookies in Christmas shapes
- make hot chocolate on a cold cold night (we don't get too many cold night in the 956)
-  taste all the seasonal brews there is to taste (I kinda tend to stick to my usuals)

* at least once in my life, spend a Christmas where it snows*
..so that's what I've got so far, Christmas is tough as an adult, so I wanna feel like a kid again . .just once more?

Merry Christmas my readers and thanks for always reading & viewing.

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