My favorite types of shorts!

By Sarah Davila - 9:51 PM

Paradise Shorts!
I love the shorts that make me feel like I should be at the beach... whether its pineapples, palm trees, or any other fruit, they are all so cute & uplifting! I picked these up from my work (Shop 112), for only about $29 bucks or so. I love the vibe they give and how they are light-weight and breezy! I feel I should be drinking a piña colada in these babies.
Pom-Pom Shorts!
Whether they are little pom-poms at the end of the short or fringe, I'm defiantly digging this style for summer! They add such a unique look to the short that makes them fun and flirty. I snagged these from my work for about the same price as the ones above, they are also in black and come with a matching tank!
School Uniform Short
When I wear these I feel like I should be wearing a navy blazer with oxfords, they have that school uniform skirt vibe going on so I would label these as "preppy" if you want to go for that look. These are so comfortable and I love how they look like a skirt when I am wearing them, but they are shorts (So no worrying about the wind bringing them up)! I picked these up at my work, again, Shop 112, for about $30 bucks or so. I also love the pastel pink color, perfect for spring.
Two-Tone Slit Shorts
I was actually gifted these for my birthday by my manager at work, she picked these up at Target and they are so fun and different! They have a two tone design and a slit between both patterns so they are very versatile and easy to move around in, I love that about them... comfort is key! These are around $16.99 or so and right now Target has a tone of these type of shorts in a a variety of colors, patterns, and designs.
Patterned Pockets!
Again from Target and such a fun design, these shorts are two toned also but no slits. I love though how the (faux) pockets have a different design from the shorts, very different. Perfect for that boho look to sport this summer with some gladiator sandals!


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