On A Tuesday . . .

By Sarah Davila - 10:18 PM

So Tuesday I was feeling a little under the weather with a minor case of a sore throat, nothing to bad, but my body felt a little weak, and tired, so after my intern job, I decided to take the day off early around noon, and didn't go to my evening class. Instead, I spent the day with Elias, it had been a while since we had a whole day to ourselves, so that was nice. We started the day off watching "Fast Seven" which was pretty good, action packed, and watery-eyed toward the end.. nevertheless, I enjoyed it. After the movies, we went out to an early dinner at Cheddar's, then spent the rest of the evening together. On my first picture, lately I've been into the cartoon, "Bob's Burgers", I enjoy silly humor, and this one is for sure that, with short episodes, I always catch one while quickly eating lunch, or dinner, before studying or going back to work, so I get a little entertainment. I also finally jumped on the 'Birkenstock Sandal' trend and purchased these babies from Old Navy today (not tuesday), and they are very comfortable and simple, so I really liked that about them, and they didn't make my feet look too chunky, I realized some of the version of these sandals are bulky, and big, so my small feet look larger than they are in this style. Luckily, these fit great and I enjoy the simplicity, so buying them was a must. I can't believe it's already Thursday again, I've been drowning in research papers lately, luckily the end of the semester is near, which is both scary & relieving, but now it's time to give it my all and finish strong! Hope y'all are doing well readers :o)

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