Best Job.

By Sarah Davila - 11:34 PM

So today was my only day off this week since I got called in on my second day off of the week to go help out at work. I spent it with Elias, as usual, and just went out to a late lunch with him, picked up some snacks and went to watch a movie at his apartment. Lately I've been working a lot of hours, so on my days off, I literally just want to be laying down under a blanket and relaxing! Today was also payday and a surprise bonus check included! I really do work for amazing people at 'Shop 112', my bosses are so unique and loving, I'm afraid I won't ever find bosses like this again! Attached to our bonus check was a cute note handwritten to all of us girls, and each one was personalized. I love personal hand written notes, they are the best.

Some other things:
+ I deleted most of my social media, although I have a love/hate relationship with 'Snapchat' I got it back today after not having it for four days, but I deleted my 'Instagram' two days ago, and I feel like it makes me want to post more here on my blog to tell y'all about my day, rather than showing you all in pictures via 'Insta'. So we'll see how that goes.
+ I am going to see 'Coldplay' in August at Arlington with my boss, her husband, my coworker, and another friend, I am beyond excited and will probably cry.
+ I might possibly go to Cancun in July for the bachelorette party of the wedding I am going to be in, Elias would rather me not, but we'll see how this all goes, sounds exciting though!


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