Work Day at South Padre Island.

By Sarah Davila - 4:57 PM

The other week, my boss decided a trip to the beach for a photo shoot was necessary, and of course, no one is going to deny that! It was such a relaxing time, even though we were there for "work", it was a lot of fun. We got there early, and did the photo shoot in about two hours; so by 10am we were done, and ready for some drinks (that sounds so bad now, haha). We ate lunch and had a few drinks then laid out in the sun. Although it's March and the weather is still a bit crisp at the island, it was perfect (minus the water being freezing) the sun warmed your bones so the cool breeze didn't freeze you in your swimsuit. It was perfect and I always wonder why I never go more often considering how close I live to a huge body of water. 

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