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That time is here again, where it's time to start thinking what am I going to get my girlfriends?! Gift exchanges are coming up, and it's time to start shopping. I put together a compilation of cute gifts I would get my girlfriends, and ideas on what maybe to get your own! Whether it's similar or different I'm linking all these items below in case you'd like to get one of these gifts for YOUR friends. All are super affordable and I love getting a couple of gifts for my girlfriends rather than one big gift, I like getting like 3 or 4 nice small gifts that can be used everyday! Here is my list:

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+ Wine Glasses: As I grow older, wine is becoming more tasteful as I find my own favorite bottles. At first I was like, "whoa, give me a flavored marg please!!" But when you see the calories in one of those babies.. I quickly checked those off my items to order (lol). I find it useful to always have wine glasses in the apt. because if you have guests who bring a bottle of wine, it's important to serve them in one! Also, how cute are these "besties glasses" to share a bottle together! 
+ Jewelry Tray: I'm such an organized person, maybe too much, but when it comes to my jewelry I always have to have it together! I can't just have it thrown around (my OCD kicks in), so I LOVE jewelry trays to keep things organized! The more the better. This one is only $9.99 from Amazon, but you can find these really anywhere!
+ Bath Bombs: These can be SO fun, normally found at Lush, these can now found anywhere! Target has some really good ones, the ones I linked have adorable surprises found inside once it dissolves. Too fun.
+ Clutches (1)(2): A clutch can be used anytime and always! I love to use these for dinner with girlfriends or when I'm going out and I do not want to lug around a big purse. Both of these are less than $15!
+ Candles: Who doesn't want a good smelling living room or bedroom?! I am obsessed with candles, and always have to have one burning in the apt. I love sweet scents, such as vanilla, or vanilla cinnamon, pumpkin pie ... something sweet and comforting. Bath & Body Works always has nice smelling candles, or Target as well! 
+ NYX Lipstick Set: I recently tried out NYX Matte Collection, and I'm obsessed! They are a perfect matte, don't dry out your lips, and stay on for hours, even after eating. So affordable, and a gift set would be so ideal for a gift! Only $15, for a set of 3.
+ Coffee Mugs: If your friend is a coffee lover, or even tea... mugs are life. I have plenty of mugs, and love collecting them when I travel. They will always be used, and Target always has my favorite ones!
+ Fleece Throw: If you're like me and get cold all the time at home, a fleece throw is the best to have around the living room! I love cuddling up, and watching TV under a blanket. This one is less than $16! Also great for decor to have thrown on the couch.


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