Behind the Scenes of a Shop 112 Photoshoot.

By Sarah Davila - 2:18 PM

Where do we take our photos?
Photoshoots take place on Wednesday for Shop 112, and typically start at 8:30 am at our warehouse location. The day before my boss, Monique, and myself set up the rack and pick the clothing based on how that week will be, whether its going to be cold, warm, we are going to have a sale, or based on what customers have been requesting! We are lucky to have a warehouse with simple colored walls to use as backgrounds so we don't have to drive around and looks for spots (unless we want a really cool photo we travel).

Who models?
Normally there is three models total, including myself as one of those three. It'll be myself, another one of my co-workers (we change it up weekly), and Angelina, our professional model. We typically separate the outfits evenly, because as FUN as modeling seems, it's actually quite tiring!

How long do these shoots last?
Photoshoots last until about noon then it's clean up time, and back to organizing all the shoes back in their box, all the clothes back on the rack, and all the jewelry put back to take everything to the store to be ready to purchase! So about 4-ish hours.

What happens after photoshoots?
After photoshoots, comes the most intense part, EDITING! We take about 120 photos a session, so editing is VERY time consuming! Our online website requires more photos than just our Instagram page, so editing now takes normally 4 days to do or so. My partner, Emma and myself, split the photos because doing all those photos I feel would drive someone crazy! We have a lovely social media office (pictured above) where we edit photos. We try to have them ready typically by Monday, latest Tuesday then they get sent to our Online Website Manager Yolanda, who puts them online to be ready to go live, and be purchased.

...then it's Wednesday all over again, and it's time to do it again!


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