Weekly Friday Thanks.

By Sarah Davila - 12:09 AM

Pretty accurate description of my week..filled with studying & actually relaxing! I never thought that would happen anytime this semester! I can't believe it's already Friday, was an extremely hectic, chaotic, car problematic week, but I found some nice-ness in it:

  • the weather all week, 60 degree weather? I dig
  • this new cute jacket I got at Target, so feminine & vintage looking (will post a picture tomorrow)
  • Thanksgiving holiday is coming up, which means food, family & no school! {& lots of rest...hopefully}
  • laying in bed & actually watching TV... I thought I was in heaven!
  • naps
  • some good shed tears.
This week by far challenged me, but I hope in the end of all this struggle, I can find some beauty & peace.

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