Weekly Friday Thanks.

By Sarah Davila - 11:15 AM

Time is flying by, CANNOT believe we're already November! Quite scary how fast its going but that only makes me want to enjoy more things and not take them for granted. Here's some things that made me smile this past week:

  • getting my cars major problems fixed, It feels like a brand new car again!
  • being able to squeeze in two runs this week (haven't done 2+ runs a week since summer!)
  • using my polaroid a bit this week, nothing beats the feeling of having a vintage looking picture in an instant and waiting to see how pretty it came out!
  • toffee flavored coffee with a bit of soy . . . yes please !
  • moving up at work to a teensy bit of a higher position, feel honored they trust me enough with a key! 
  • warm tea at night, just relaxes me to sleep
Let's enjoy this weekend.

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