Weekly Friday Thanks.

By Sarah Davila - 12:41 PM

What an extremely busy and hectic week! Went outta town this past weekend, so I had to play catch-up with school work on Monday, lots due this week, but that's all over ...for now! Other than that, I can relax a bit for today and tomorrow, then gotta get back to studying for next week. Other than this busy week I still found some time to smile:

  • the weather in Austin this past weekend! 
  • dancing "Gangnam style" for Halloween parties (I know, I know I told myself I wouldn't but it was fun)
  • the sweet, sweet compliments I got for my Halloween costume. I think people liked me more as a cat! 
  • for the laughs I had, they felt extra special considering it was a busy week.
  • Elias & I listening to the oldies station play Halloween music from back when.. felt so romantic.
  • the new Corner Bakery they built near my work, such a cute little cafe, and an even cuter patio with relaxing couches and a lovely atmosphere ..did I mention yummy veggie panini?
  • the delicious post run snack I had (pictured above). yum, yum & yum!

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