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By Sarah Davila - 10:38 PM

I'm new to discovering that there is a 'Kate Spade' in the outlets near where I live, so my grandma and I went to go check it out, and of course, I had to walk out with something. Super cute store, and mega deals..like almost a steal I mean!
Usual Target runs with Elias, because he has an obsession with checking if any new blu-rays came out every week.. and I'm always tempted to get something too, it's Target, duh.
a good run always helps me clear my mind from any worries or stresses.
enjoying the nice days we've been having here in the 956, coffee and a marranito, (piggie in spanish). Except I ate his face, oops. 
tonight I picked up some donuts for my co-workers, felt like being nice, and well I wanted one myself too.

So it's been one week since my Christmas break began and I'm enjoying every moment. I've been really lazy, and not wearing make-up while also being in my pj's a good amount of the day. I'm spending a lot of time with my dogs (because during the semester, I abandoned them quite a bit), watching lots of shows, and working out daily! Really can't complain!

At the Moment:
Watching: Kings of Queens, Elias bought me the 27 disc box set as part of my Christmas gift, and I'm in heaven.
Hearing: Dino scratch himself and his collar jingle and him whine that he wants to go to the front yard
Thinking: about booking my flight and my hotel for Hawaii, if I will wake up in time tomorrow before work to go work out, and how I miss Elias
Wanting: to paint my toes and get a manicure (currently poor) and another donut.. {ugh, will power}
Smelling: my vanilla candle burning, mm..my favorite scent!


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