Photo Shoot Mornings

By Sarah Davila - 9:53 PM

Work is always fun when it's photo shoot day. Lots of new outfits to wear, clothes all over the place, trying to be quick for the photographer, coffee (for morning photo shoots), and hoping you look good (there ain't no, "hey, can I see first" to the photographer"). Today was a long day for me, after the morning commotion, started studying for one of my class for a final next week. Then had lunch with Josie, then ended up NOT studying, and just chatting away at Moonbeans with everyone.. which then lead to drinks at Spork (a local restaurant). One beer in and I'm in my bed, pj's, and ready to sleep. Been awake since 6:30 a.m. so I'm ready to starting counting zzz's! Counting down the days till next Thursday (my last final)! Good luck everyone and have a great weekend.

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