Finals Week!

By Sarah Davila - 12:57 PM

So here it is, FINALS WEEK, the week everyone dreads, and makes you want to cry even.. at a certain point. Luckily I have today off, so I always spend most of my Sunday's catching up on studying I missed during the weekend, because the weekends are for working all day! Two of my classes have already ended, so I have three to really focus on, and do my best. My semester will fully end Thursday, and Friday, Elias and I want to take off to San Antonio for the weekend, just a small getaway, because my head needs an escape of any kind. Then I also have to get ready for Hawaii in January, and finish my research, because God knows how behind I am on that >_< This semester has definitely proven to be my toughest in my college years, but I've actually learned soo much about my major. So here's to giving it all I got and hopefully seeing some passing A's and B's!

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