Cold, Gloomy, Weather, Rant, Blah

By Sarah Davila - 6:11 PM

Lately, these past couple days, the weather hasn't been very nice to the 956, it's been so so so cold and overcast. I mean I love cold weather, and wish every day could be 50/60 degrees, but this 40 & 30 degree weather is slowly killing me. The nights have been freezing lately, with freeze warning, my little body can't take it! It also makes me extremely lazy and I wish I could just stay in my warmups & a long sleeve all day, cuddled with Nylon & Dino under the blankets. Walking to school feels like a challenge, trying to race my way to class (without looking silly), but still trying to just get inside to the warmth and all the tree's are lifeless! I may sound like I'm being a little wimp, but hey, I'm from South Texas, where the weather is 100+ degree's 3/4ths of the year. Also it has been bipolar, literally 80 degree's Monday and Tuesday night chances of snow, jeez, I just can't. Although, I've been complaining to myself lately, I must enjoy this while it lasts. . .because as soon as I know it, I'll be sad that it's 109 degrees outside, and I'll wish for the beautiful cold again. 
Along with being to cold to bring up a new post, I've been pretty busy with school, and trying to keep up with my readings while I can, so been busy doing that . .Hopefully soon I can post about some new purchases I've gotten. Hope y'all are staying warm! I know it's very cold everywhere else too. 

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