My diet and a little more. . .

By Sarah Davila - 1:04 PM

I've always been conscious about what I eat, probably didn't start till about my sophomore year of high school but ever since then I've gone through phases about what I eat. I don't consider myself small or thin, because I wasn't always this way. I used to be chubby almost fat-like when I was younger up until my freshmen year of high school. After something switched on in my head I became aware of my body, I don't know what it was that the light turned on but I became aware about what was being put into my body. 
At first, I started "counting calories" you can say, yes, at the young age of 16. I would only eat grilled chicken salads, turkey breast sandwiches w/ wheat bread, fishes, everything was just grilled. I got a hold of all the coffee's I drank at Starbucks and got a hold of their calories, after I saw how much a frappucino had w/ whip had .. I didn't get one again. 
..then I probably took it too far once I saw the weight fall off me, I didn't want to eat anymore, if I did I'd get scared and nervous, I'd want to throw up. I found ways to make myself eat as little as I could and was doing things very, very, wrong. 
Getting past that stage which was borderline anorexia/bulimia (I wouldn't say I actually was) I started to eat healthy again. Cutting out diet cokes, sugars, too many sweets, and processed foods. 
Then in my sophomore year of college I became vegan. I changed from one day to the next, which wasn't too hard because I didn't eat too much meat to begin with. I watched videos and it made me not want to eat meat again, then I read books and realized it's actually not healthy for us at all. I absolutely LOVE being vegan, it makes me feel powerful because not everyone can do it. Yes, it's a consistent work in process, occasionally I'll eat something that's vegetarian and not vegan but it's a learning process that never ends. I enjoy helping people eat healthy, I feel like I've almost "been through it all" eating wise. I've counted calories, starved myself, ate healthy, and now I'm vegan, the only thing I haven't done is "bulked up" so don't ask me for that, ha. 
Eating healthy is a beautiful lifestyle and truly does make you feel good inside and out. You notice changes like your hair being shiner, you skin complexion being more clear, and you don't feel as bloated as often! 
I bring all this up because yes, I'm vegan but there are some bad vegan foods too, I tend to indulge in every once and a while (a little too much pickles & sour patch kids) making me feel gross and unclean. I remind myself occasionally when I feel like this to eat clean again. Lots of fruits, veggies, greens, tea, and things that I know make me feel good about my body. Also working out, that's a HUGE must in everyone's life. With our busy daily schedule's it sometimes feels impossible to do a quick work out, but when you do it feels so lovely. This is a reminder to myself to start eating clean again, because with the holidays I slacked a little and ate the not so good vegan foods. I also hope maybe it can make you aware too of what you eat. . .because I promise it really makes you feel better, even if it's just one meal you substitute for your greens and veggies or even an occasional vegetarian meal as well as squeezing a work out into your day, all these things will make you feel better.

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