Working from Home.

By Sarah Davila - 4:50 PM

When it comes to getting work done & studying, I'm ALL about going to a coffee shop, setting my things up, getting comfy, putting up a playlist & study while drinking a good cup. Although I get the most done when I'm not home or near my bed, every once in a while it feels nice to work from your room on your bed! You get to be in pj bottoms and barefoot if you want, also it saves buying $4 soy latte's every other day! Today that is exactly what I'm doing: setting up on my bed, making myself a iced green tea in a mason jar (is there any other way to drink tea?) and making myself comfy, while still getting work done. With my furry companions by my side to keep me awake, working from home every once and a while isn't so bad.

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