Valentine's Already?

By Sarah Davila - 12:37 AM

Valentine's decor up at Target already, and I know it's a little early for that but I'm guilty of BARELY taking down our faux Christmas tree at the apartment because I was so in denial that the holiday's are over! It made me sad but decorating the house in Valentine's stuff made it a little easier. Well the winter break is coming to an end as well, and it breaks my heart but I think I'm ready to begin a new semester because that only means I'm closer to finishing and I absolutely can NOT wait to graduate! So going to enjoy these last three days of school free worrying till Monday and make the most of them.

On another note, I'm thankful for everyone who reads/views my page.  . .I'm up to 12 thousand views! That is so incredible to me! So much thanks to you all and I'm glad you enjoy my blog.


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