Last weekend before school.

By Sarah Davila - 1:42 PM

Goodbye holiday decor, hello pink & red everywhere !
just in time for spring semester, couldn't be happier with the look I chose.
days off together ALWAYS include shopping, plus a little green tea lemonade from SB to keep me quenched, my fav drink from there! 
my manager invited me out this Saturday, was well needed, plus dancing, that always gets me in the jolliest of moods.
so this weekend was the last weekend before spring semester 2014 starts, had to put myself back in the school mentality which involves me telling myself over and over, "no more being lazy all day!" I really enjoyed my weekend before a new semester, ready to have a good mentality towards my school work, pass all my classes (and hopefully NO "C's") and study all I can. As I get closer and closer to the end of my college years, I always get more and more excited to finally graduate. Here's to another year!

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